Juhu Yawu!

February 2008

preENTER + Fashion = ideal

Recently YouAreWatchingUs was invited to support the ideal fashion show for Rozalb De Mura . For the first time our scanner set-up was placed directly on stage. It was real fun to play! Hopefully also for the models and you out there. A new script allows us to integrate images right after somebody scans himself, making the interaction an even more interesting experience because people can change the projection and therefore the message in real time. We would like to thank Olah Gyarfas for his confidence and all the people at Ideal for a delightful time in Berlin. Overall our last two preENTER Sessions made us very happy because of the playful experiment. With this in mind we’re looking forward to keep developing our installation and live-performance.
Juhu Yawu!

December 2007

Redesign Qtopia Cinema und Bar

After 40 leaflets and six years work for the lovely Swiss studio-cinema Qtopia we’ve been asked to redesign its face. This is one of our next upcomming challenges, hopefully a good idea will hit our minds during New Year’s Eve. Maybe while boarding the snow? We close for 2007 and wishes you all the best for 2008. Go beyond your imagination!
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December 2007

Rewind k space

Hey! as we started not that long ago, we decided to show you also older things we’ve done. k space is an older project from 2005. It was Corporate Design for a Swiss company that produces software for surface analysis in physics. The word k-space stands for the reciprocal room to the real 3D space, in where the software’s measurements take place. The recessed matrix-dots on the left side of the logo are a projection of a physical structure (a fcc crystal) into the real space. Together with the k in the logo, they span a room, that reflects the k-space. k space has been selected by the judges of TDC52 to receive the »certificate of typograhic excellence« and is included in the annual of the type directors club NY, typography 27.
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December 2007

Profile Amberg Controlling

Amberg Controlling is a small company from Switzerland that is specialised in financial advice. Originally the logo was designed by the Swiss designer Luigi Grendene. Somehow you could say that this Corporate Design is a so-called family collaboration work. After Luigi died, his sons Simon (NY based graphic designer) and Ramon Grendene (Yeah, you’re right: YouAreWatchingUs) took over the project and finalised the precise logotype. Printed on Munken Polar in two slightly different blue and silver it appears elegant and non-officious.
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December 2007

Beograd Gazela

This year YouAreWatchingUs worked on many different projects. All-important was the contribution to an artistic travel guide book about a slum settlement in Belgrade which is inhabited by Roma people. Two Vienna-based artists, Eduard Freudmann and Can Gülcü, have done research for two years and wrote the book together with co-author Lorenz Aggermann. In a short amount of time we worked out the layout that follows a precise structure to make the complex content easily readable. Marginal notes allow you to read the book crosswise. Thanks to Peter Biľak for supporting us with his FEDRA A typeface and to Alexander Branczyk for lending us his razor-sharp eye. The book is going to be published in four languages. If you want to read more about the project checkout www.beogradgazela.net.
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November 2007

YouAreWatchingUs shines bright

YouAreWatchingUs got a new office. No news but shiny anyway. If you want to visit us please give us a call and we will start a fire. (Click the Picture to see more) Juhu Yawu!

October 2007

YouAreWatchingUs helps DesignerInNeed

YouAreWatchingUs is in need. They are Designer in Need. They need help and they offer help. And they are confused. So are you? Just watch the DesignerInNeed Website and everything will be clear. Juhu Yawu!

August 2007

YouAreWatchingUs got STYLE

If you are familiar with the preEnter project you'll recognize our scanner images. After a gig in Berlin we collaborated with the Style and The Family Tunes magazine for a shoot were they used our installation to create pictures of hot models and tight jeans. Watch out for the new issue 09.07. Get a little curious. (Click the Picture to see more)

www.stylemag.net Juhu Yawu!

August 1st 2007

YouAreWatchingUs is moving

After three years at the same place it was time for a change or more honestly they sold our office and we were forced to move. Fortunately we found something really nice just around the corner but before we could move it was time to clean and reconstruct. You see we also can handle real hard work! As soon as we are finish we will show you some more developed pictures. Promise. Juhu Yawu!

July 31st 2007

YouAreWatchingUs say good-bye and Hello!

If you are starting up a studio you need a good place to be. We've had one! 120 square meters art nouveau filled with warm memories. See some dusty pictures and get inspired to work independently. It's hard but you'll make it! (Click the Picture to see more) Juhu Yawu!